General Auto Repair
4.94/5.00, based on 328 ratings; 212 user reviews

  Ray, 03/29/2018

I met Rich when I coached his son in little league. The son was great. He's playing college baseball now but the best thing was meeting Rich. He has taken care of all 4 of my cars for the last 13 years. He doesn't do anything half-ass and always has time to talk with you or go on a trial run. What is really nice if you call him in advance and drop your car off, he can have you back on the road with least amount of inconvenience. Since I have a lawn service it is important to me to not have my truck down for long. Finally if you get your vehicle back and are not happy, he will work on it till he gets it right.

  Jose, 02/23/2018

We have been bringing are car to General Auto Repair for 3 years and they are very efficient informative and reliable. They do great work and are honest. It's so comforting to find a auto repair place you can trust.

  Dave, 02/01/2018

We are very satisfied with the service that we receive at General Auto Repair. They are quick and get the job done right. Just what we like! Great job!!

  Debbie, 01/25/2018

I am very pleased with general auto repair. They are friendly and timely in their work. I like that they are family owned. Their prices are reasonable and I like that I can trust them when leaving my vehicle with them for work. They don?t to tell you that you need work done that you don?t actually need done!

  Dave, 11/16/2017

I highly recommend this company! They do an outstanding job with maintenance on our company vehicles! They are reliable, and their prices are good!

  Nicole, 11/02/2017

I was referred to you by a coworker and will be referring you to others as well. The service was fast and extremely reasonable. Car repairs are something I typically hate because you never know if what the mechanic is telling you is accurate and I now have a place I trust and will continue to use. Thank you so much for such great service!

  David, 10/26/2017

Got in without an appointment, problem fixed and I was on my way inside one hour. I'm very pleased with the service.

  Bill, 10/06/2017

Rich and crew service both of our vehicles. They are honest and do good work. I would highly recommend General Auto to all my friends!

  Donna, 08/12/2017

Trustworthy mechanics - always able to diagnose problem and never do any work which is unnecessary.

  Doris, 08/10/2017

Always do a good job and trustworthy.

  Debbie, 08/03/2017

They are awesome! They were friendly and helpful. The did the work in a timely manner and their prices are very reasonable. They are trustworthy. I don't have to worry that they are going to make up problems with my vehicles. I highly recommend them. Family owned business.

  Don, 07/27/2017

My car broke down near their shop, I came in there in a panic, they took perfect care of me, properly diagnosed the problem and then fixed my vehicle promptly. And, Nicest People on the Planet!

  John, 07/27/2017

Impeccable service! Amazing team! Highly skilled and trustworthy! I am a customer for life!

  Bucky, 07/21/2017

5 star

  Ed, 07/20/2017

Genneral auto will always be my repair place!

  Charles, 07/13/2017

General Auto has always been a dependable friend when my car is broke. There has always been an attitude of friendly and competent service. There has always been complete satisfaction.

  Jim, 07/13/2017

Great service, honest analysis, fair prices. Rich and his staff are great guys who do excellent work.

  Bill, 07/06/2017

For years, I have and will continue to have my vehicles services at this shop for as long as the expert service and customer care continues.

  Ed, 05/31/2017

Been a regular customer for at least 25 years. They know my cars better than I do. They are honest and stand behind their work. I will not go elsewhere.

  Bruce, 05/26/2017

Very satisfied with the excellent service. Rich explained and showed me my issues, and was aware I couldn't leave my vehicle over night. He ordered the parts and and completed the job in less than 2 hours. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend.